Living The Country Life!!

Living The Country Life!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is This Really Winter ?

Can you believe this weather?  And it's almost Christmas!  Oh sure, we have had rain, and even had a huge wind storm.  But man, this month is almost tropical!

Our cedar tree got the brunt of it during the wind storm.  We had a huge limb come down.

It took Farm Man about a day to get most of it cut. 

Even though it was only a limb, it was a huge limb!  And do you know what cedar wood is good for?

Cedar wood is good for kindling.  And by the time my wood cook stove is in and ready for heating, this cedar will be seasoned enough to start many fires.

Our shop got a new roof.  It was leaking in so many places.  But now that we have a new roof, we have another new problem.

The roof is a different color.  The one that was taken off was the same color as the walls of the shop - brown.  Farm Man selected the same color of the barn roof to go on the shop - which is dark green.  Well, the barn has beige walls - now we have to paint the shop to match the barn.  It just never ends.


The weather has been so nice that I was able to plant some bulbs.  I have always wanted to plant around this stump, but was unable to because it used to be a tree, and it never got enough sun under the branches.  But hey!  The tree is gone, and I now have sunlight!  I planted 80 tulip bulbs and 80 daffodils.  Come on spring!

Edith and Archie were hanging around in the guinea pen.

Look what I found!  This is called an egg skelter.  You leave it on your counter and you put the eggs that you get from your peeps at the top.  They roll down to the front so you will always use the oldest egg first.  Do I leave my eggs on the counter all the time?  You bet.  When I bake, the recipe always call for a room temp egg and I could never remember to take them out of the fridge.  Waa-laa!  I always have room temp eggs.  Can you do this with store bought eggs?  No.  Store bought eggs have been washed so they won't last as long as an unwashed egg.

As you can see, the pond is filled.  With rain water.  Time to put in the overflow.

I made a cherry pie the other day and man, was it good!  Such a welcome change from all the apple pies, apple desserts and apple whatever!

Well looky here.  We have noticed our sunrises a lot more now that the trees are gone!  Beautiful!!!