Living The Country Life!!

Living The Country Life!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Busy Week!!

Yay!!!  All of the machines are gone!!  No more noise!!  Here is the last excavator to leave the property.

Clean up plus putting in new fencing has commenced!  You can barely see the fencing to the left of the tree stumps, and we have so much more to do.  We have been listening to the coyotes at night, hence the reason why we need to put up our fence asap!  At least around the property, then we will focus on the inside.  

We also started on the pond.  I cannot wait to get this going!  We have missed our pond so much, and already have the liner and filters ordered.

By the looks of it, it will be a big pond!  Come on koi!!

Since we now have a view, there has been so much happening!  I can't believe we have missed all the going ons for years!  A couple of days ago, a couple on a motorcycle hit a deer on route 6 in front of our house.  The motorcycle went down an incline, and the bright lights you see in the middle of the photo are the cops, fire engines and the ambulances.  They closed down the highway in both directions and a helicopter landed to take one of the people to the hospital.  Traffic was directed to come right in front of our house.  You might ask yourself, wow, how much traffic does Lebam have?  Well, it was a Saturday evening, beautiful weather, and perfect for bike riding.

Then yesterday, we noticed the smoke.  Yep, a fire.  They have been using a helicopter with a bucket to help put it out.  This really isn't too far from us.  It is at the Pluvious, a pass just four miles down the road.  We don't know how it started, we just hear the helicopters.  See - we can see everything now!  I'm not sure if that is a good thing though for the last week!

Farm Man was attacked by a pack of wild dogs.  They all had a good time wrestling!

Afterward, Tully found her bone, found a sun beam and relaxed.  She is getting so big!

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