Living The Country Life!!

Living The Country Life!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Clean Up !

Farm Man has been busy picking black and blue berries.  What to do with them?

Well, the blackberries went into making 27 jars of jam.  The blue berries went into scones.  No picture of the scones...hey!  we was hungry!

Here is Pete and his BFF hanging out in the shade.  We've had some hot weather lately and having shade from an apple tree is always a good thing!

Mark has been doing some clean up and stacking of the logs in the back.  I tell ya, logging off the back has changed the whole look of our pasture.  Sometimes it is hard to get my bearings of where things were back there.

The excavator makes it look like it is picking up toothpicks.  What a huge machine!  I want one!

This stump will be something for the goats to play on.

Here is Farm Man in front of a pile of logs.  I couldn't tell you just how many piles we have.

I think the trucks will start coming next Wednesday.  Not soon enough for me!

This photo shows the back of the shop and house.  Those trees in the distance and to the right will be going too.  That huge cedar tree in the middle of the photo is where the bees live.  The tree was damaged during the hurricane of 2007 and the tree is leaning towards the shop.  Yes, the tree has to come down.  Too dangerous to leave standing.

As you can see, my babies have grown.  I integrated these three in with the other peeps and tonight will be their first night with them.  I am 99% sure that the buff silkie is a rooster.  As soon as I moved them in with the other peeps, he did a little dance for a hen. Gosh dang it!  I didn't want another rooster!  I am so glad that Max didn't see that little dance!

Tully is getting to know all the animals here at the farm.  Harry will swipe a paw at her but he doesn't use his claws.

After a hard day of playing, Tully likes to sit on her little toy and play with a pine cone.  She is such a good dog and so very smart!  She fits right in here at the farm.

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