Living The Country Life!!

Living The Country Life!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Blues !

Have you ever looked at a bowl of blackberries and said to yourself, "I just can't make yet another blackberry pie."  Yeah, me neither.

It was trimming day in the hoop house.  I'm not quite done with the tomatoes, but I did do the pumpkins and squash.

I have so much more room!  And now that I can see the pumpkins, I have quite a few of them.

We even had to pull the plastic back from the corn because the corn grew so tall.  I've never really had a problem with my garden - my veggies have always done well.  It was just that I had to give a lot of green tomatoes to the goats - it was like my growing season was just too short.  Every fall the goats ate loads of green tomatoes, and veggies that just didn't ripen during the summer.  This is the first year that I have had ripe tomatoes in July!  Amazing!  The goats are going to be lucky if they get anything out of it this year.  I take that back - all the leaves that I trimmed from my squash and tomatoes went to the goats.

Somebody found an apple!  My silkie was enjoying her piece of fruit until she looked up...

and saw this crowd running towards her.

In just a few seconds flat, the apple was gone.  Piggies.

Tully just loves being outside.  She has been everywhere, either following Pete, Farm Man or the turkeys.

And sometimes she takes a break and does a little wrestling with Pete.

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